Season 8 Show 1 Post-show Predictions

What a surprise about how the show format is going to be to get to the Top 12 this year! For those who live in a cave or don’t give a darn (but you wouldn’t still be reading, would you?), for the next 3 weeks, they are going to take the top male, top female, and the next top vote-getter from each of the 3 groups. That makes 9, and then there will be a wildcard show, so this is do or die with one more chance for the “losers” of these 3 rounds.

Back to last night, there were just a few too many good performances to make it clear-cut with the exception of the goosebumps I got with Danny Gokey’s perfect performance. Regardless of those odds, I’m still going to stick my neck out every week and say what’s on my mind. It is what I do best, so here goes.

Top Men: Danny Gokey, Brent Keith, Michael Sarver, Anoop Desai

Top Women: Hmmmm. Alexis Grace. Tatiana Del Toro… ouch, I hate to say that.

My official 3 picks for the night: Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace, and Brent Keith.

American Idol Season 8 – Group 1 – Show 1

Hollywood Hell Week is over and we witnessed an anguishing 2 hour final paring down of the final 36 that got some definitive losers in rather than more capable singers and personalities. I have a few targets right off the bat, but none more passionately than getting Tatiana Del Toro booted ASAP. She’s already gotten on my nerves more than Brooke did last season.

My faves for Group 1: Danny Gokey, Anoop Desai, and Stevie Wright. The guys have way more skill this year than the girls, so you’re going to see a lot more positive votes from me for the guys for Season 8.

Here is a quick run-down of Group 1 for Tuesday’s show:

Alexis Grace – 20
Anne Marie Boskovich -22
Anoop Desai – 21
Brent Keith – 28
Casey Carlson – 20
Danny Gokey – 28
Jackie Tohn – 27
Matt Breitzke – 27
Ricky Braddy – 25
Stephen Fowler – 26
Stevie Wright – 16
Tatiana Nicole Del Toro – 24