Man Spots His Wife… at a Local Brothel

A Polish man (please, no Pollock jokes around the ladies) took a trip to a nearby brothel in. I guess he wasn’t getting attention at home and was getting some “take out.” He got more than he bargained for when, among the establishment’s employees, he saw his wife of 14 years [ahem] working the crowd.

14 years is all they will be associated with each other, as they are seeking a divorce.

She said she told him she was working on the side (and probably a few other ways) to earn some extra money. Who knows what he’s claiming, except that he doesn’t want to be married to her any more.

My question is, who is in more trouble here?

Clearly, she was commiting adultery long before him, so I put this on her. She wasn’t doing it for lack of working it out. In fact, I’m going to stand on my soapbox and say that she pushed him to a brothel because she was probably “too tired” for weeks or months leading up to his shocking discovery.

I can just imagine the meet-up there.

Man: What are you doing here?
Woman: What are you doing here?

or maybe it was like this:

Woman: What are you doing here?
Man: What are you doing here?

[story from Reuters]

Ben Moffitt: Unwanted Attention

Ben Moffitt - USFOracle.comIt was quite a year for my USF Bulls football team. They rose week after week in the rankings at the beginning of the year with one stunning victory after another, landing them in the most dangerous rank all year: 2nd. Second place switched teams so many times this year, it made casual fans’ heads spin. USF, sadly fell quickly after reaching #2. Along with their ranking, one of their stars fell was well.

He was the hero of many early moments in the season. Ben Moffit married his high school sweetheart, while still in high school, and got a scholarship to play ball at USF. As a senior, he got a lot of attention for his dedication to the team by driving over an hour each way to class and practices, never once being late or missing a team gathering. They interviewed his wife in the stands and on the sidelines a number of times to highlight his personal achievements both on and off the field. The media played up the”Father” “Student” “Husband” “All-star” as much as they could. Even the New York Times jumped on the hefty USF bandwagon in late September.

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