White Paper Only

There has been a sign at work for months that makes me laugh, no matter how mature I try to be. My witty side, ala Alan Alda, keeps busting out and I crack a grin every time I pass it.

There is a huge locked garbage bin, much like you keep in the garage, with a flip lid and a slit to drop paper in, that stores sensitive documents until the document shredding company comes. Above it, our janitor person placed the following message for all:


For whatever reason, the very first time I saw that, within seconds I wondered what the NAACP would think about such a racist trash bin. By the time I got to the door down the hall, I had re-vamped their acronym to suit the situation and wondered what the National Association of Colored Paper would have to say about this travesty.

Where’s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton now? At the very least, its eerily reminiscent of “white trash” comments. Anyway, that’s a little nugget from me.