I Got the “All Clear” for the ALZI Trial

I received a call this afternoon from the trial representative at the hospital that I passed the last step to being on the trial: being sick. Well, I ain’t that sick (yes, as my “former Dean of the English department” professor tells us in my level 4000 grammar class, that is gramatically correct), but I did test positive for Pseudomonas aeruginosa and fell within all of the other criteria.

She is faxing in my paperwork and I should be called in to Tampa General Hospital (TGH) for my orientation with the meds and my new Pari eFlow aerosol machine. I have the old version (pictured in the battery-operated configuration), which works wonders to disperse the medication in 3 minutes rather than the traditional 15-30 minutes. This new one is supposed to work even better, though I’m not sure yet if it is supposed to be faster or more effective or both. The trial is also somewhat a trial for the new machine, since it is not available for the general public yet.

I got my TOBI meds on Tuesday and I can already feel the difference using something targeting my problem, so I can’t wait for the ALZI to go to town on my gunk.