A Change of Scenery: Quit My Job

I’m sorry that it has been so quiet around here lately, but it’s because nearly every ounce of my mental being was being poured into either surviving at work or getting a new job. One of the two efforts was going to prevail, and I’m delighted to announce that I have landed a new job that allows me to work from home… or anywhere there is a steady Internet connection and cell phone reception.

I will post more details after my exit interview and I start my new position as the small company’s Customer Support Manager. We have a planning/teambuilding retreat planned for the latter part of September, and I’m so pumped to get to go on my first business trip. Words cannot do my elation justice.

Classes started back up yesterday with a level 4000 English Grammar course and it continues tomorrow night, followed by Modern European Novel (which includes Joyce’s Ulysses).

Gorgeous has been plugging away at her new job as the Office Manager at a local and very successful family-run shutter manufacturer in Tampa. She just finished her third week and has really taken the bull by the horns and is getting everything done and can start working on enjoying it with a more relaxed fashion now that she has a handle on things. I couldn’t be more proud of how awesome she is at catching on to new systems and getting things done.

I’m tired. She’s in bed. I’m going there soon.