Celebrating 45 Days With iThemes

I’ve been out of the clutches of Corporate America for 45 days now, and I’m simply loving it! Sure, I put in some long hours from time to time, but it’s because I am passionate about what we’re doing and have a vested interest in the success of the company. In the big cubicle farm, you don’t get jack if you bust your butt for a week to get something done on time, but it’s not like that when there are only five of you.

So far, I’ve fielded over 1,600 e-mails since Labor Day and posted 1,000 replies on the support forum since March, and it’s making a huge impact in customer opinion and even our bottom line by creating life-long iThemes fans based on our customer service alone. Now that our themes are catching up with the support we offer, the sky is the limit for our next couple of projects.

Building a Home Business

The time has come to call for reinforcements with my vast business ideas, and Gorgeous has come to the rescue. We have books falling off the shelves and sitting in huge storage containers in the bottom of the closet. I have 3 blogs running, 1 in the works with 2 co-founders, I’m the forum administrator for iThemes.com, and taking 4 Summer classes next month. It was time for help.

Nothing was going to get off the ground without her help, and now we’re going full-bore. Amazon, eBay, affiliate programs, and working my magic on the new blogs. The thing is that those blogs aren’t going to get up and going without some relief in my schedule, so I’m bouncing off the walls with excitement about getting started on the Petersen brand.

We are certainly at a crossroad in our life at this point, with a brand new townhome in the works. It is time to figure out the rest of the game plan for our lives. I’m sure we’re going to have a ton of discussions in the coming weeks, but I am excited, relieved, and scared about all these changes.

I’m sure that how we handle these challenges are just more things that will shape who we are as a couple and where we are going in life. How have you and yours handled your crossroads and what happened as a result?

Can two people walk together if they have not agreed on where they are going?
-Amos 3:3