Sponsors Speak at SOBCon – MyBlogLog, Evoca, and TheGoodBlogs

Robyn Tippins with MyBlogLog helps people improve their community. They even work with your problems to fix issues, and that is what sold Chris Cree on using it. The stats package did okay, but it is the widget that took off with the ability to see who visited your blog without them needing to leave a comment. (We got “inside” information about some up-and-coming changes to the site and company that we can’t wait for!)

Diego Orjuela with Evoca has a vision to help bloggers and users post their voice on the Internet. There is a lot of text, but there is something about the human voice that text can’t convey.

You can make your first recording with your microphone or with a telephone right away.

Vernon Lun with TheGoodBlogs adds dynamic content to your sidebar. The widget treats you as a free advertiser in the same way as a link ad, but you are also cross-linked on everyone else’s blogs.

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