Picking Color Schemes Is Easy, With the Right Tool

I stumbled across two tools today to help you with selecting a color scheme for your blog, letterhead, or brochure. It might even help you with your clothes, though I wouldn’t suggest it without consulting a fashion expert first.

Color does a lot for you, and it can do a lot to hurt you. I don’t need to tell you something looks bad, you just know it, and so does everyone else. There is always wiggle-room for personal taste, such as the colors I’ve picked here. If someone has a general distaste for one of the colors, it might not please them, but it should not offend their sense of what is good and decent in this world. That would take a bad color, and you move on to try another color.

The first tool I found is called yaflaColor. It gives you seven colors that “go” with one that you enter the HEX code for. Some of the colors “match” and others “go.” The difference is the degree of commonality and opposite-ness.


The second tool was one that Liz Strauss linked to me at DeGraeve.com. It takes an image and reads the colors for a palette with both a dull and vibrant scheme.

Color says a lot about you. If I picked all bright colors, you might think that I was young or carefree. If I picked a black theme with white text, you might think I was a goth. A lot can be implied in a color palette, so choose wisely, grasshopper.