Wacky Wednesday: Issue 1

Welcome to my first “feature” article on Perfectly Petersen. This will be a weekly post about something wacky, be it news, facts, or whatever strikes my fancy as being wacky. For something to be wacky to me, it’s pretty extreme, as I’m quite wacky myself.

This week’s feature was found in the news and reported by the AP.

A man from Lake Luzerne, NY is in desperate need for a generous helping of brains. Someone must have bumped God’s elbow when he was pouring in Damion Mosher’s brains with an eye-dropper. He’s obviously a few drops short of a teaspoon.

Bullet CasingsAt 18 years old, he clearly has entrepreneurial aspirations, but is seriously misguided in his thinking. He takes .223-caliber bullets and empties the contents to sell the brass casings. His method of emptying the rounds is flat-out stupid. He places a round in a vise and whacks the end off with a hammer.

The first 100 bullets went fine. The last one shot him in the abdomen. He’s in pain now, and a lot of it. He was treated and released, so that’s all good.

His casings came up to just a few pounds, and the local scrap business pays $1.70/lb for brass. Of all the things to do, why would you spend hours emptying bullets and making them worth $1.70/lb when they are probably worth $3.00/lb as bullets?

What other strange entrepreneurial ventures have you heard of lately?