American Idol Final Performances

Tonight is the long-awaited final night of singing and competing for Season 6. We’ve seen stars like Chris Sligh, Sundance Head, Phil Stacey, and Melinda Doolittle fall out of the competition due to imcompetant voting by the American Public. I use a capital letter there to emphasize those voters as a moronic entity that should be fenced in somewhere near Area 51 under heavy surveilance.

We will see Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks face off in an undoubtedly hot competition. They are coming in with two completely different styles, approaches to arranging the songs, and performing experience. Blake is a balls-out throw-down “I’m going to sing this the way I want, and you’re going to love it” singer. Jordin is a sweet, heart-tugger that can not only sing, but makes little hearts with her hands at the end and had incredible puppy eyes.

To top things off tonight, I heard on the radio this morning that Paula Abdul fell on her face trying to save her dog from damage. Sure… you weren’t drinking. Sure. Any dancer can move enough to avoid a face-plant if they’re sober. They must have played the sound clip of her explaining the fall 4 times during the morning report on my way to work. She sounds hammered to me. I can’t wait to survey the damage. /snork. Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh at someone’s injury… /snork. A faceplant the day before being on TV for the most-watched show so far this year.

Who will it be, people? Jordin? … Blake?

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