American Idol Finale Prediction

I have very mixed emotions about tonight’s show, but first I’d like to start off by saying we’re all stupid. If we are going to watch 2 hours of silly stuff and old singers and commercials and Simon Cowell scratching his chest just because we want to see the last 5 minutes. I was one of those kids on the playground that would dance around because I had to go to the bathroom because I was afraid I’d miss something cool if I went inside for 5 minutes. That’s how I feel tonight. Maybe someone is going to suck or fall or say something incredibly stupid and I won’t know it if I just watch the end.

Back to last night, I totally agree with Simon’s final bit, not the one everyone is playing about Jordin wiping the floor with Blake. That was in reference to one song, dawg! I think the best song was Blake’s repeat of his smash performance of Bon Jovi week, but Jordin sang the fan song better. Arguably, I think the song was written to be better sung by a woman than a man, and I think the dawg made a bad move by going first, because then that left Jordin singing last. Last impressions count.

My Season Six prediction:

Jordin Sparks takes it all.

Jordin Sparks to win Idol

It goes against my feelings and who I want to win as a CD-selling, stadium-packing entertainer, but she out-sang him last night.