Nanny Laws Are for Stupid People

I’m getting sick of the public service announcements on my local radio stations about the “click it or ticket” law in Florida. Today I read that former Senator, now Governor Corzine from New Jersey has an ad out about buckling up. Has common sense left us all?

Who has not seen the crash test dummies going through windshields? Everyone over the age of 12 knows when a car set in motion suddenly stops, the contents of the car continue forward at the same speed prior to the sudden stop. I sure don’t want to hit the dashboard, steering wheel, or windshield at 60, let along 91mph!!

What he needs to say in his commercial is: “I’m Governor Corzine and I’m a flipping idiot for letting my driver drive 91mph and didn’t buckle up. In fact, I usually don’t buckle up, despite being educated and worth over $100 million.”

No amount of legislation is going to deter stupid people from doing stupid things. Florida got rid of the motorcycle helmet law a few years ago. Despite my mom’s and my concerns about riding a bike in Tampa, 2 years ago my dad bought a Kawasaki Concours. He’s ridden for years, so it wasn’t his driving we were concerned about. It is the other guy. Two months ago, he was involved in an accident on his bike while riding with others, and because he was wearing full body armor and a helmet, he got away with a broken wrist, torn thumb ligament, and a skin burn on his elbow from his jacket’s elbow pad. Had he not been wearing a helmet, he’d be dead. Had he not been wearing armor, he’d be a human raspberry.

Every day, I see joy riders around riding without shirts, helmets, wearing shorts, jeans, and windbreakers. The biggest idiots, though, are the ones with the helmet on the helmet lock on the back seat riding with the wind in their hair.

What laws or movements are going on where you live that are driving you bonkers?