The Best Nature Video Since Planet Earth…

Battle at Kruger…and for a very, very long time before that series.

I grew up watching educational PBS shows, and then I graduated to cable shows on Discovery, TLC, and Animal Planet in high school when we finally got cable. I’ve seen hundreds of hours of chases, hunts, prowls, and attacks. This, without equal, is the best single scene I have ever seen of nature footage.

I’ll set the stage for you before you watch, so you can determine if it’s too much for you. It appears that a group of Brits or Aussies are on safari in Kruger National Park in South Africa. They are at their Land Rover filming across a water hole and there are 2 lionesses crouched, awaiting a herd of buffalo. Not wildebeasts, the full-blown big dudes. When the time is right, the pounce and manage to nab a single out a calf in the water, but after a while, a couple of crocodiles want in on the meal, too. After securing the meal from the crocs, the entire herd comes back with a vengeance to get the lions while the calf is still moving.

Continue to see the outcome of this truly epic tale: Battle at Kruger