Forget Wedding Crashing, Try Funeral Crashing

if this is a new practice, if it is a practice at all.

Funeral FlowersMy boss’ father passed the weekend before last, so our department attended the funeral, basically as outsiders to their friends and family. It was a small chapel, yet one older man kind of stuck out from the rest.

It is an awkward time to figure out why someone you don’t know is attending your father/husband/uncle’s funeral, but they made an attempt to find out who he was and why he was paying respects.

That all ended when he became disrespectful and beligerant. He avoided questions and would not give his name. He seemed confused that he was in the vehicle processional to the grave site, but followed anyway.

Could it be that he was just looking for free cookies and punch? Too bad we didn’t have any. Too bad he acted that way toward a grieving family.

Have you heard of this happening before?