From Pizza Hut to College in One Generous Step

The news today is too negative. Well, except those weird stories that I post on my other blog for just such occasions. This story is sure to warm your heart, even if it is made of stone.

Until recently Jessica Osborne was a waitress at her local Pizza Hut in North Carolina. One of her dear customers is a regular. They always ask for her, and she has gotten to know them. That stuck a chord in my heart, because there was a time where my buddies at work and I did the same thing at our local Spaghetti Warehouse. Jessica had shared bits and pieces about her life with her regulars, and they knew she could not afford to go to college because her financial aid never came through and she doesn’t earn enough waiting tables.

One day, the patron, a kindly older woman, told Jessica about the loss of her husband and daughter in an accident. She went on to say that they set up an education fund in their names and slyly slid a folded check across the table to Jessica and told her to pursue her dreams of getting a college degree.

Change the worldAmazed, Jessica thought there was a mistake with the number of zeros when it turned out to be a check for $10,000.

Bless them.

the Daily Mail

We can all change the world.