Starbucks Is Raising Prices Next Week
According to Reuters, Starbucks is planning to raise drink prices 9 cents per cup because of the increase in the cost of milk. This will be the second price increase in less than a year. Though the story does not directly state it, we know for a fact that milk prices are rising because the corn normally fed to cows is now being fed to our cars because of the big push for ethanol.

Livestock farmers are now paying outrageous prices for feed for their herds because corn farmers are sitting on what amounts to oil fields. When is someone going to come up with an idea that doesn’t affect nearly every stinking item on the market? The only thing we could to worse to our food economy that I can think of off-hand is to raise sugar prices. Sure, we might be healthier, if people actually stopped consuming sugar, but that won’t happen for a very, very long time.