General Patton Speaks Out Against All That Is Stupid

I’ll bet most of us have seen the classic film ‘Patton’ with General Patton played by George C. Scott. Mike Kaminski is a professional Voice talent/Actor/Producer and Standup Comedian from the Tampa area where this blog broadcasts from. He is truly one of the most skilled voice imitators on the planet and can change his voice at the drop of a hat. You must check him out.

Anyway, he dubbed his voice over the famous Patton speech from the film himself. He spent 2 weeks going over the wording to perfect what he wanted to say and then spent a month editing the DVD of the movie to fit the mouthing as best he could.

This is NOT work safe, as he does use a few expletives, but it is nothing out of character for the movie. Consider it rated PG-13 to R. You’ve been warned.

Awe-inspiring performance! General George S. Patton out of retirement, rants about Iraq and the modern world situation!!