Crunch Time at USF; Summer Ending

Slide 18The Summer B semester ends on Thursday night with my group’s final presentation to the class, professor, USF webmaster, and the university marketing department. I have been busy creating a kick-butt presentation and adjusting the order, wording, and creating graphics for our made-up product. After spending hours of researching what makes a great and awful (not awe-full) presentation, I think we are on the right track for an entertaining and convincing proposal.

Slide 17The presentation is basically a 10-15 minute marketing proposal for our advergame for USF and has the added pressure of needing to be as realistic as possible because of the new additions to the audience. The professor isn’t going to let us off easy by being able to claim things that we can’t back up with research now.

Due to a family emergency for one of the members (in a group of 3), I am now also doing the presenting, as well. No pressure right? Nope, especially since it’s only 50% of our grade. Actually, I was the one that suggested presenting it, too, because of the time constraints he’d have by getting back the night before the final. The situation is not condusive to good delivery, so I am more than glad to help us out by taking that burden from him. The pressure is coming from me, not them. 🙂 I’m not concerned about the length of the presentation now, because I’m up over 35 slides, so even at 15 seconds per slide, that comes out to nearly 10 minutes. I still have some flowcharts and game design renderings to finish up to round out the coverage.

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