Looking for Junk

Today is a rare day where we both have the day off. Actually, I might go into the office later, but first we are going all over the country looking for junk at garage sales and two estate sales. We should be back by lunch, and then we’ll see how I feel about getting 2-3 hours at work to pad my week.

It was a full and fulfilling week at work because of my newest project: upgrading my database to a newer GUI, streamlining the reports, and adding a whole new feature that involved a many-to-one relationship between an established 5,000 record table and a new table that we will be populating with nearly 12,000 data points this week in a major effort to track everything we’ve been tasked with.

We got a big bonus with this month being a 5 Friday month for her paychecks and I have 3 this month. We opened a second savings account that is non-liquid in our minds and our goal is to get the recommended 3 months’ of savings in there. Tuition for the Fall is all settled and I already got my reimbursement for Summer term and bought my books. Technical Writing is just one (expensive) textbook and Modern Short Novel is a textbook, 2 novels, and 2 thick books with many short novels.

Anyway, that’s my life update… real blog content later. Off to shop.