Fingers of the Future

I love my Wired magazine, and I’ve been waiting to put this article up, so here it is. Dan Didrick of nearby Naples, FL is quite an inventor to have come up with such a brilliantly simple prosthetic digit.

He calls it X-Finger, and it is free of wires, batteries, and invasive probes. To operate your new finger, all you have to do is close your hand as normal. Watch a video and check out the rest after the jump. 

What makes this such a feel-good story is how dedicated he is to his invention — he sold his house, [gasp] Porsche, and his accumulated worldly possessions to fund his project. It allows nearly normal dexterity as far as operating a keyboard, holding objects, and even gripping a golf club.

All of this function for $5,000.

Check out Dan’s website at X-Finger.