Spring 2008 Semester Begins Today

USF Bulls LogoClasses begin for me today. Campus opened back up Monday, but I’m only taking a course on Wednesday nights and Thursday nights. It looks like a 17 week semester, with a week off for Spring Break. I have my syllubi for both courses and have several things to dread… but I’m still optimistic, or trying to be, at least.

  • I despise literature courses in general. I’m a slower reader than I should be for how much reading I do. I’m more of a scanner and skimmer and only enjoy reading what interests me because I’m slower at it. I’m pretty much a 60-page per hour fun reader, and it drops like a rock if it’s complicated or I’m not enjoying it.
  • There are no out of class writing assignments for my literature class, which happens to be British Literature 1780-1900. /scream Everything is in-class quizzes and exams and participation.

Ok, that list wasn’t so bad, but it’s daunting to me, nonetheless. My Expository Writing course will be mostly fun because I love to write, but it appears that the text is one of those typical liberal arts devices to mind flay the last remaining shred of one’s youth and optimism about our wonderful culture and country. It’s about (seriously) “unraveling the myths that make up American Culture today:” Freedom, Family, Equality, Opportunity.

That’s disgusting! In order to write what I believe rather that spew the view of the textbook, I’ll have to cover all of my bases and not sound like an idealistic floosie. Who doesn’t like a challenge?