College Student Builds Half-Scale Panzer Tank

Will Foster in tankWill Foster was a pretty “ordinary” college student at Kettering University in Flint, Michigan. That is, until he built a tank.

Foster has completed a working 1/2 scale Panzer tank, complete with a functional air cannon powered by a scuba tank. He got in some slight trouble with the law when he took it out for a drive, but should only need a slow moving vehicle sign for it to be considered a tractor.

Remarkably, the whole thing came to him after playing paintball and figured on making the baddest paintball machine ever. It will only fire off about 50 rounds before the tank runs out of air, but I say you just start running over people after that.

Now, the Flint Journal is reporting that he may be going on David Letterman as a result of over 1/4 million YouTube views already. Let’s add to that number and get him on the show.

The video says it all:

What it doesn’t say, you can read the stories at the Flint Journal here and here.