Walking to the Hotel

It was quite an experience today: my first subway ride. I met the gang at the Summit Executive Center, got backslaps and kudos for the name badges I designed, printed, and trimmed. We just got back from a very late lunch and it’s time to hurry up and wait to go on our 3 hour tour dinner cruise.

I hear there’s an open bar, courtesy of Jim Bean Global… it may turn out to be an interesting evening.

I wonder… do bloggers drink more (or less) than average? Then again, people may stay sober to take it all in. Then again they may get hammered to make for an interesting blogging experience for the rest of us. We shall see. Er, I shall see, you shall read.

It’s a 3 block walk to the hotel, which is nothing compared to my walk from the subway station. Time to unload this carry-on bag.


Michican Ave outside the center