SOBCon08 Presentations Part 2 – Anita Bruzzese

Anita BruzzeseAnita Bruzzese

As a journalist, she began looking around blogs to see what is going on with blogs as a media. One of the first people she came across was Liz Strauss, who was seemingly normal. Her reporting buddies are

Bloggers are an infamously diverse bunch. Reporters generally don’t have much respect for bloggers because of the tendency to write negative stuff and not adhere to the general journalistic guidelines.

Whether it is 30 words or 60,000 words, you need to know about what you are writing about. Words on the Internet have gotten people fired, killed, and other tragic things. But they also expose inequities, gotten people involved in politics, and promoted worthwhile causes.

Things to think about:

  • What is the source of your information?
  • Who is the source of your information and why are they sharing it?
  • Is the information credible, and how do you know it?
  • Are you being fair?
  • How will you respond when you make a mistake?
  • What will be your response when someone criticizes or attacks you?
  • What comments will you band and how will you encourage worthwhile comments?
  • How will you have an ongoing evaluation of your reputation?
  • What is your line in the sand?
  • Will you stand the test of time? How?