SOBCon08 Presentations Part 3 – Brian Clark

Brian ClarkBrian Clark

Teaching Sells

If you don’t know who Brian Clark is, you have been in a blogging cave for 2 years. What no one seems to know is that he is not a copyeditor as a profession, in that he does not take clients and edit material. It is more about using the platform for SEO and making money with profitable business models online.

The only site he does that includes the word “Blogger” is Copyblogger. That trend will likely continue to avoid the pre-conceived notions of blogging due to the diary and gossip blogs. It’s not really a part of business media. Let’s focus on making money.

A Business Model is NOT: (not a Revenue Model)

  • It’s not your revenue source
  • It’s not your traffic strategy
  • It’s not blogging

Are You in the Content Business?

  • Content is marketing
  • You’re always selling
  • Sell everything possible

The Three A’s of a Social Media Business

  • Phase 1: Attention
  • Phase 2: Authority
  • Phase 3: Acceleration

Attention Rules:

  • Choose a high-demand subject area – carve out a niche out of a huge audience
  • Position the site to be remarkable
  • Offer independent value with content
  • Utilize headlines and hooks
  • Transform attention into authority via social proof
  • Capitalize on link equity for search engine optimization
  • Maximize subscriber base and build sub-lists
  • Promote affiliate offers to see what the market wants

Acceleration Rules:

  • Build “back end” pages and spin-off sites
  • Develop your own products or services (bigger profit margin selling your own material and services)
  • Test landing page copy and offers
  • Outsource and automate (so you can go on vactation – money without freedom is hollow)