SOBCon08 Presentations Part 7 – Chris Brogan

Chris BroganChris Brogan


What Pirates Teach Me About Community

Believe in humans:

Ask. Do. Share. Give your ideas handles. Make it useful. Give more than you ask back. Be clear about your business. Hack. Make Pirates.

Businesses are full of people. You don’t talk to businesses, you talk to people. [interject: HE IS HILARIOUS]


Take the environment around you to make it what you want to be. Wherever you can change the things around you, you can make money. You can walk into any business with a clipboard and a piece of paper and pwn it.

Community vs…:

Don’t mess with community or it will mess with you.


Do you believe in something or are you selling it? You don’t have to sell everything you like.


Superheros taught me a lot about passion. Has anyone not had a customer service experience that drove us into the arms of another lover (figuratively speaking). If you want to piss people off, say “Apple sucks” on your blog.


When you start making marketplaces out of your blog, you are funneling part of your trust into sales. Be very careful what you put down that funnel.


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