New Search Engine – Cuil – Takes on Google

There’s a new player in town: Touting three times more indexed pages than Google, the creator, Anna Patterson, aims to keep this technology to herself. The last time she created a search engine, Google bought it and upgraded their engine with it. Not this time, she says.

Pronounced “cool,” cuil is the old Irish word for “knowledge.” I can’t wait for people to say, “cool it,” and, “I cooled it/you/them.” How cuil is that? Back to the site, they have millions of dollars in venture capital and experience building search engines to help their goal: to add more relevance to your seach results without peeking at your searches and vow to keep your information private. Their ultimate indexing goal is to index the entire Internet and provide relevant results.

The first thing you notice is that the results are given in a magazine-style 2- or 3-column format with thumbnails when available. I’m a bit ticked that none of my sites are indexed, but my competitors are, so I’m off to fix those now.