One Week As the iThemes Customer Support Manager

Well, I have had one full week (minus Monday’s holiday) of being a full-time customer support manager for iThemes and a part-time moderator for Revolution Themes with Brian Gardner. To say it has been great is the understatement of the year so far. Tuesday, I got dressed right away, but stayed barefoot. Wednesday was pretty busy because I had to leave for 2 classes that really messed with my day, but who cared? No one! Yesterday, I had some really good ideas that I passed up to Cory and our designer, James, and they loved them, so today we worked out some details on Skype and…

Today I got our live chat support to work! I put it up on the forums and got a call within 2 minutes of it coming online. I need to work out some stuff so it’s not the first thing people click, rather than posting a thread question for the benefit of everyone and tying me to the keyboard, but it is a GREAT customer-relations advantage.

I also managed to create and post 5 video tutorials of one of our two new themes we released this week, and I just might do the other 5 for the other theme over the weekend so we’re all geared for Monday when our fifth and final operations employee begins. Monday will be a great day of Company celebration!

It’s time for me to load up WoW and play my heart out for some well-deserved R&R after such a productive week.