Record-Setting Time for iThemes

We are just simply having a blast now that we released FlexxTheme to smashing accolades and testimonials from our testers and the first recipients of the theme via the Theme Club. We’ve had to work out a myriad of new bugs that cropped up due to the larger diversity in hosting plans, plugins, and other circumstances, but things really couldn’t be much better for how complex the code is that drives its features and ease of use.

Here are some samples of how the theme can look with various headers, backgrounds, and layouts – all of which are done without touching a line of code. Trust me, our graphic designer didn’t know squat about WordPress a while ago and is just cutting his teeth on this theme as far as going into the dashboard. This is not simple stuff for a newbie, but it is with FlexxTheme.

Today, it has been non-stop requests to upgrade to our 2008 Theme Club for our limited, one week only offer of including FlexxTheme in the Club downloads. After midnight of November 19th, we wil be moving FlexxTheme to its own developer’s pack and it will no longer be a part of the Theme Club. I know this sounds pretty sales-pitchy, but I’ve seen some pretty cool sites pop up in under an hour with the use of FlexxTheme.