Has a New Project:

Happy JoeIt’s been something we started talking about before our retreat in September, and then we stayed up wayyy past some of our bedtimes at our campfire talking about it some more during the retreat. Now it has a name AND a face: Happy Joe! Doesn’t he just look happy? I couldn’t decide if James should give him a sloppy joe sandwich or a cup ‘o joe, so I kept my mouth shut on that subject.

We’re keeping pretty tight lips on exactly what HJ is and why you want it before you even know what it is, so you’ll just have to trust me that you want to sign up for his Twitter feed and sign up for his newsletter.

You remember what we did to the industry when we launched FlexxTheme… you ain’t seen nothing yet. I couldn’t be more proud to be working with our team on the iThemes brand, launching 2 themes in a week (well, we have some IE menu issues on the one that was scheduled for today), expanding into Movable Type, and now this… it’s all pretty amazing for just 5 guys spread across the country.