Season 8 Show 1 Post-show Predictions

What a surprise about how the show format is going to be to get to the Top 12 this year! For those who live in a cave or don’t give a darn (but you wouldn’t still be reading, would you?), for the next 3 weeks, they are going to take the top male, top female, and the next top vote-getter from each of the 3 groups. That makes 9, and then there will be a wildcard show, so this is do or die with one more chance for the “losers” of these 3 rounds.

Back to last night, there were just a few too many good performances to make it clear-cut with the exception of the goosebumps I got with Danny Gokey’s perfect performance. Regardless of those odds, I’m still going to stick my neck out every week and say what’s on my mind. It is what I do best, so here goes.

Top Men: Danny Gokey, Brent Keith, Michael Sarver, Anoop Desai

Top Women: Hmmmm. Alexis Grace. Tatiana Del Toro… ouch, I hate to say that.

My official 3 picks for the night: Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace, and Brent Keith.