What to Look for on AI Tonight

It’s getting to the exciting part of the year when most of the dead weight is gone and it actually stings to lose a contestant. I also like the 2-song nights to give us more of a look at their song choices. So far some people have yet to figure out what to sing, what to wear, and where to stand. I’m going to play this like a football pre-game show:

  • Lil will be completely identity-less again. She won’t sing what they demand to hear week after week. She will look like she’s just trying to hold it together during the judging.
  • Kris needs to stay on the stage, even if he’s going to be playing an instrument, but he also needs to make it more about the song than the band and the music.
  • Adam is going to be Adam and do something amazing. You know Quentin Tarantino will bring out the best in him.
  • Danny is going to blow it outta da box.
  • Allison will be edgy and make another big impression to illicit another “you can sing the phonebook” comment from the judges.
  • Simon needs to keep his hands off of Paula or get a room.