Getting a General Feel for Things

Life is really busy right now. Wait. That’s an understatement. Life is about 2 notches above “I’m getting married tomorrow” busy. I’ve been there – freaked out over last-minute details like getting flowers for when we got home that night, etc. – and this is definitely busier than that.

I’m Guilty, your Honor.

All of that busy-ness due to business and school and marital harmony has my feeling slightly guilty about all of you out there who never see an update from me here. For that, I’m sorry, and I hope you understand. These pages would be full of overflowing ideas, rants, information, photos, musings, and resources if I could capture what my mind thinks and what my eyes see in a given day or week – just doing my work.

What You Can Do About That

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What I May Do About That

I’m kicking around the idea of writing about my living with cystic fibrosis. I do not like the idea of being thought of a “CF person” or a posterboy or being debilitated or handicapped… you get the idea. I HATE what that brings. I am a firm believer that there is a time and a place for people to find out something like that, and it’s not during first impressions. I have that ability and I have that right, so long as I’m not on oxygen at some point or in the middle of a coughing spasm in a store. If that’s the case, well, my cover is blown. As an alternative to writing that here, I may do it for my up-and-coming friend, Ronnie Sharpe in Arizona. You can find him at Run Sickboy, Run. We’ll be talking soon about me doing some guest posts there.

I am also considering changing my theme to reflect my updates on those social sites as well as my posts – and anything else I write – all in one place. That’d be cool, and I just might be able to make some time for that. Someday.