Welcome to College, Little Girl

I received the funniest e-mail from a classmate in quite a while this morning. It was a broadcast communiqué to everyone in the class just hours before our first module and exam are due.

Hello everyone! Is it just me or is trying to write half a page for one question a little too much? I have a full course load and tons of group projects due all around the same time and it is a little frustrating to try and come up with additional words when I feel like I have already answered the question! Just wanted a little confirmation that I am not the only one who is having trouble with this.

Cry me a river! This is a Junior-level course at a top 50 university and she’s complaining about having to write 1/2 page for an answer? Welcome to college, little girl. Wait until life smacks you upside the head, because it will some day, and you need to go through something as “traumatic” as this to prepare for it.

Looks like someone should have done school work over the weekend like me.