Pardon the Interruption

My wife and I are celebrating 3 years of wedded bliss this month and I was looking through our photos tonight. Here are some highlight photos of just the two of us. Any guesses as to which photo was taken first?

A Valentine's Day
Busch Gardens
An Anniversary

A Concert
An Anniversary
Contract on House

Bucs Game
A Vacation

A Vacation
Ruby Falls
A Birthday

An Anniversary
A Day to Relax


  1. John C. Cotey says

    Valentine’s Day all the way.

  2. Is family allowed to guess?

  3. John C. Cotey says

    Then clearly, without question, A Day To Relax.

  4. @John C. Cotey: Hehe, would have been better to question yourself again, first.

  5. I was going to guess “A Day to Relax,” but now I’ll go with “Busch Gardens.” Final answer. 😉