Busy Beyond Belief

Last week was full of papers due, studying for my second Spanish exam on Saturday, family time while my sister-in-law was back in town, and a whole slew of work projects. My backlog is a pretty long line now, but I’m working through it. Partially to explain why I may appear too busy for some of you and partially to actually create a list for me to see, here’s what is on my plate:

  • E-commerce exam due Tuesday night
  • Tech writing lab due Tuesday by 2pm
  • Tech writing project due by next Tuesday at 2pm
  • American Lit essay due next Tuesday at noon
  • Equity in the Workplace discussion board posts y Wednesday at midnight
  • Wrapping up a chef’s site
  • Wrapping up a speaker’s site
  • Getting into the Pearson book site to update for their latest book
  • Wrapping up a personal blog
  • Wrapping up a small packaging site
  • Migrating a business site that b5 Media is dropping
  • Converting a good friend’s site to Thesis and rocking it out
  • Designing my parent’s blog around their newly-installed Thesis theme.
  • Starting a packaging site project of epic proportions
  • Starting a packaging site from another packager
  • Send out our next newsletter
  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Be merry

The good news is that we have been blessed with income through the middle of December already, but I’ve got a lot of plates spinning that need to come down safely to not create a mess.