You Know it’s Time to Lose Weight When…

From the “wonderful” city of Cleveland (home of the Browns if I need say more) comes a hilariously tragic story of a fat woman who crushed her boyfriend to death during an argument.

By sitting on him.

So I hear this story on the radio this morning and instantly get this picture of a big mama with a skinny as a rail man sitting in his recliner or laying back on the couch and she threatens him with something like, “I’m going to sit on you if you don’t shut your mouth!”

Turns out that I wasn’t wrong. She was estimated at 300 lbs at the time (how much has she gained since then?) and he was not much bigger than me at 120 lbs.

Because he was the baby daddy and they had 3 kids together (surprise!), said fat woman was sentenced to 3 years in jail, was booked, and immediately released to go home.

Who knew killing people was so easy?!

Source: Fox 8 – Cleveland