Getting a Room at the Jail

German inmates were crying “foul,” or more specifically, “get a room!” at Daniele Eberhardt and his incarcerated girlfriend. In what sounds like multiple feats of hornyness, Daniele broke into the jail to have nighttime conjugal visits.

Fellow inmates are quoted that their “grunts and groans” kept them awake at night and made them feel “frustrated.” He somehow scaled the wall, evaded security, and proceeded to break in using a skeleton key to get his relief.

  • How come the jail isn’t empty with people able to break out as easily as he broke in?
  • Why didn’t the girlfriend leave with him?
  • How much are those guards paid?

He will be joining her in jail soon, as he’s awaiting trial for trespassing. Regardless of whether he gets to share a cell with his girlfriend or not, I imagine there will be a lot of “frustrated” inmates in that jail soon, as walls and bars don’t seem to be able to keep this guy from what he wants.