My Essential Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions are finally here, and they sure are rocking my world. Chrome is well on its way to replacing Firefox for me with these improvements – just a few more to go, guys!

I’m a tabs guy. I. Love. Tabs. It’s not uncommon for me to have 30+ tabs open at a time, which has been impossible on Chrome. Until now. Here is my list of essential extensions:

  • Google Mail Checker Plus by Anders – See how many unread messages are in your inbox and respond, archive, or delete them.
  • TooManyTabs for Chrome by visibotech – Place tabs in a lockbox for safe-keeping, but out of view.
  • Tab Menu by fryn – If you still end up with 20 tabs open, this lists them vertically for easy selection (you hate accidentally closing a small tab, right?).
  • Sexy Undo Close Tab by Xerios – See above. /grin
  • Facebook for Google Chrome by benhiller – Just check for quick wall updates.
  • Google Translate by chrome.translate.extension – This is going to make my online Spanish homework a breeze. No more copying and pasting words I don’t know.

What are your golden extension choices?