Re: Rubio’s Personal Charges Exposed

I wrote another letter to the editor of tbt* this week. It looks like they were really focused on the orca killing a Sea World trainer for today’s letters, so mine didn’t get published. Here it is anyway.

Hardly a week goes by without news of some politician at the state or national level who has just been caught spending taxpayer money. This bad behavior goes on on both sides of the isle, too, as they reported that Pelosi spent $101k for “in-flight services” including booze and flights for friends and family during the past year.

This is nothing short of theft of taxpayer funds. It’s criminal. Business can’t purchase personal items and count them as expenses. Non-profit organizations can’t, either. Those people go to jail, as should these criminals. Just because they were elected to office by the people does not give them a blank check for carte blanche spending – in fact, it’s just the opposite. They should be held to higher standards of responsibility and face sterner punishments for breaking the trust of the people.

We the people need to start tossing our elected officials out on the street until we the people are represented by honest people of high moral standards.