Vacation Rocks!

We’ve made it to Gatlinburg, TN yesterday around 3pm and started unloading our massive amounts of food and stuff for the week. The cabin looks awesome and works pretty well, too, except the temperature control. We just can’t seem to get it to not be freezing downstairs for fear that the 3rd floor will be too hot if we do that.

We’ve got a porch with a grill, porch with a hot tub, full kitchen, pool table, and a 10′ screened home theater with 6 super captain’s chairs for watching movies in full THX rumble mode. I heard felt “Pirates of the Caribbean” last night while I was on the couch upstairs geeking, so I know it’s a good system.

We were going to go hiking after lunch, but it started raining while we were eating, so now it’s way too humid and probably a tad muddy, so everyone spread out to play, geek, and sleep for a while. You can tell what I’m doing. 😉