Sweet Leaf Green Tea Tastes Great

We usually buy 8-10 Arizona Energy drinks for my wife every week. She takes one to work every day and we usually both drink them on Saturday mornings. Sitting next to it on the isle, something caught her eye this week: Citrus Sweet Leaf Green Tea. I’ll forgive and almost ignore the whole “it’s organic” crap that was on the label, including the USDA certification as such, since I think that is a bunch of hooey and refuse to go out of my way or out of my pocket to pay for anything certified for something that I don’t care about.

Regardless, the design of the can was amazing and she knows I like my green tea, especially if it’s got citrus flavoring in it. For $1, I’m willing to try a good tea to have as my Saturday treat, so we got one.

I’d say that initially, it tasted just like a swig of sweet tea, but then the citrus was introduced a moment later… and I liked it. It was sort of the same effect as Pepsi Lime used to have before they pulled that most wonderful nectar from production. I enjoyed every drop and will probably buy a few when I go pick up my Advair prescription tomorrow. It’s a lot more expensive than the Publix brand gallons of tea, but these are the simple treats in life that make life a life worth enjoying.

For more information on the company story and their other products, their site is www.sweetleaftea.com and are located in Austin, TX.


  1. April Riggs says

    Thanks! We are glad that you dig our latest creation, Citrus Green!

    April Riggs
    Consumer Services Manager
    Sweet Leaf Tea

  2. Fantastic product and even better brand monitoring.