American Idol Season 10 Top 7 Pre-Results

I’ll make this simple: the only people worth voting for now are Casey, James, and Lauren. I only voted for Casey and James, because I think they are the two that deserve to be in the finale. I think I voted for each a solid 20 times.

Jacob is too fruity since he wants to dance with his father – give me a break, poor mama’s boy. If I lost my dad at 12 I wouldn’t want to dance with him again, I’d want to throw the ball around or go shoot something. Please, such a diva! Stefano is still Ferris Bueller. Haley still needs to go home, although that was her best performance to date. As much as I like how Scotty can sing anything, he can’t stand up to the likes of Casey or James.

Casey Abrams busted out with a Maroon 5 song and took it all the way to “rock” status and made it supremely cool. Then he swaggered up to JLo, sang right in her face tenderly for 5-10 seconds before planting a kiss on her cheek. She was quite the blushing beauty after that. Casey climbed to the top of manhood with that little act.

James Durban went all-out epic again with a very theatrically riveting performance of a Muse song that was spot on the whole time. He’s just born to do this.

Whether or not I get the Bottom 3 right tonight or not, it’s the Top 3 that matter now, after 2 horrible losses in Pia and Paul, considering Haley has been in the bottom 3 times and Stefano has been twice. Aside from the night Casey was booted and saved, he, James, Lauren Alaina, and Scotty McCreery have never been in the Bottom 3. Those are the only 4 with real talent for making a career out of this.

Bottom 3:




Going home: