iPhone in the House

My check for the iPhone came in and I made it a half day at work because it was a tad slow, beautiful has the day off, and I wanted to take advantage of the afternoon to set the phone up.

It is awesome beyond description!

I’m looking for a way to import my contacts from my old phone’s SIM card, but it doesn’t seem to like my old card.

Oh, yeah. This entire post was created using the WordPress app on the phone.

iPhone Readiness Program

I’m gearing up for getting my iPhone 3G this week. iThemes.com is doing an equipment purchase for me so I can check my RSS feeds, Gmail, and the Internet without being tied to my computer. When I’ve got class at night, I don’t get Internet until I arrive on campus and have a mad blitz to answer forum threads and e-mails before the professor walks in.

This way, I can check at our notoriously long traffic lights and while I’m at my favorite eatery, Firehouse Subs, which just gets people asking me what network I’m connected to. I just have to tell people I’m being a dorky student writing my paper offline.

I started downloading free TV episodes and apps on iTunes last night, and then I dropped a whole $.99 for a Koi Pond app that was simply irresistable. I heard from a co-worker that AT&T near her house was sold out, so I’ll be going to the Apple store to get the phone and register it, and then drive back to AT&T near home to get it added to our plan since we are both eligible for the “new phone” discount with 2-year agreement.

#$%#$% NTLDR Is Missing!

That’s the last straw! I’m getting a Mac. I’ve been working with and on IBM PCs for over 15 years now. There just comes a time and place where one gets sick of fixing their own darn computer, and I’m there!

It was supposed to be a relaxing 30 minutes of gaming before going to bed. Key words: supposed to be. Tuesday night, my favorite game, World of Warcraft, issued a patch that everyone got with their next login, and they are notorious for breaking the plug-ins and addons that we as dorks like to use. That seemed like the case Tuesday. I couldn’t summon my horse to ride around without the game crashing. When I logged back in, I was on my horse. Rinse and repeat.

I should take the time to interject here that I had to install XP SP3 RC2 in order to get the game to run AT ALL after their major patch 2 months ago. [Read more…]