iPhone Readiness Program

I’m gearing up for getting my iPhone 3G this week. iThemes.com is doing an equipment purchase for me so I can check my RSS feeds, Gmail, and the Internet without being tied to my computer. When I’ve got class at night, I don’t get Internet until I arrive on campus and have a mad blitz to answer forum threads and e-mails before the professor walks in.

This way, I can check at our notoriously long traffic lights and while I’m at my favorite eatery, Firehouse Subs, which just gets people asking me what network I’m connected to. I just have to tell people I’m being a dorky student writing my paper offline.

I started downloading free TV episodes and apps on iTunes last night, and then I dropped a whole $.99 for a Koi Pond app that was simply irresistable. I heard from a co-worker that AT&T near her house was sold out, so I’ll be going to the Apple store to get the phone and register it, and then drive back to AT&T near home to get it added to our plan since we are both eligible for the “new phone” discount with 2-year agreement.