I’m Loving WordPress 2.7 Beta

I’ve been downloading the nightly builds for about 3 weeks now, and only experienced one glitch when I had to roll back a day. Now that things are all the way to 2.7 Beta 2 (build 9560), things are super-stable.

I have nothing but good things to say about it:

  • It is a terrific-looking layout with attractive fonts.
  • The menu is now on the side, and run with AJAX so the pages don’t have to load every time you want to see a new menu.
  • The menu is far more intuitive and makes information more accessible.
  • Now you can upload media files without attaching them to posts or pages, which could cause programming problems for those inclined to write super-cool code, like Chris Jean.

Fantastic! Download the Beta 2 version here.

Me and WordPress 2.6 Beta 1

I don’t know what it is with me and testing software nowadays, but here I go again installing an unreleased version of WordPress. I did it with 2.5 RC2 and 2.4 RC1. It looks like I’m addicted. So far, I really like the improvements and can’t wait to put up my gallery pages. That nice feature is the main reason I switched to this theme today.

I hope you all enjoy it and will come back on Monday for my big announcement of a new site project I’ve been working on with Jason Dowd and Justin Beale.