American Idol Finale Results Show: Moments Away!

The time the dearly devoted have been waiting for all season is here!

My prediction that David Archuleta will win remains, but I sit here today and publicly write that David Cook will blow Archie’s concert, CD, and iTunes sales away. There is no comparison when it comes to charisma, presence, and character. No, I don’t think D.A.’s stage humility is any indication of who he is other than a pimped daddy’s prodigy out there for the world to see how good Jeff Archuleta’s genes mixed with his wife’s.

Can you imagine (no pun intended, but it’s dang funny now that I typed it) shelling out $60 to see Archuleta and seeing and hearing this after every number:

No, no, no, shucks, gosh!

I’d be demanding my money back. He should pay people to listen to him when he does that. I loved him at first, but his novelty has worn thin.

It’s come out that David Cook didn’t even want to try out for the show and was there for his brother.

The true American Idol is David Cook.

David Archuleta’s Dad Gets in the Way Again

Jeff Archuleta finally pushed the American Idol producers over the edge. It’s been long known that he lost his back stage access to David back in the day on Star Search. Well, now Fox has had enough of his ways.

Last week he insisted on a lyric change that ended up costing the studio money, and I’m also noting extra stress for the lad who stumbled all over his lines in the beginning of the season. I’ll be that was another Dad moment.

TMZ reported the news on Friday, but I was at the beach, so it’s possible you missed it, too. I’ve got you covered here.