Juan Francisco Casas, Artist Extraordinaire

casas_tn.jpgJuan Francisco Casas is the best up and coming artist I’ve seen. I love to troll art sites and always keep my eyes open for news features of artist, photographers, and videographers that really impress me. Maybe I’m easily impressed, but see for yourself.

Here’s the story. Casas used to be a painter. About three years ago, his friends apparently challenged him to try to draw some photos of their nights out with a ballpoint pen. Taking a look at these works, I’d say he rose to the challenge and is certainly drawing some attention in the art community. He’s had several exhibitions and sells his works anywhere between $1,000 and $6000 upward.


To see more of his work, visit the story printed at The Daily Mail or his site: http://www.juanfranciscocasas.com