SOBCon08 Is Coming – Biz School for Bloggers

logo.gifMany of you may remember that I attended the first ever SOBCon blogging conference in Chicago last year by hitchhiking my way there through various forms of donations and compensated help I did for the preparation of the events. It was a great evening and day, and I’ve looked forward to it all year long, though I’ve admittedly kept it on the down-low in my mind just in case I can’t make the trip this year.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet for you, because I’m sure you’re as busy with the New Year at work as I am:

If you enjoy writing and having your writing read by those on the blogosphere, you need to seriously consider coming to Chicago May2-4. Here is what you will find:

  • Passionate, accepting writers.
  • Fun, creative entrepreneurs.
  • People just like you!

I’m never comfortable in new, big situations like conferences, but uncomfortable wasn’t even a word in my vocabulary after I arrived and started meeting people. If you want to improve your blogging, business, or network, you owe it to yourself to come join us.