Progress with The Expressionist Today

One of my partners, Jason Dowd, called me as I pulled in at school tonight with some exciting news: we are being given complete access to The Improv comedy club in Ybor City! They are sending us their history and schedule to write up an article and will be notifying us of new comedians coming in with interview privileges and (hopefully) press pass access to review their routines. Jason expects to wrap those details up tomorrow.

Our business cards are under way and the T-shirts are in-process, as well. Shoot us an e-mail at if you would like to get a white t-shirt to show your support of our new venture.

Lots of exciting things coming our way, so stay tuned for more announcements.

Grand Unveiling of The Expressionist

LindseyAfter a month of planning, writing, editing, and designing, my partners and I are proud to announce the grand opening of!

Tampa, and many other places, has a severe lack of places for up-and-coming artists to display their work and get word out about their art. We aim to fix that by connecting artists and the public to form a symbiotic relationship where people looking for new art come and where new artists come to get in the spotlight.

For example, to the right is Lindsey Walden, a vibrant hat-maker from Miami. She makes custom hats from clients’ ideas or knick-knacks and every one of them makes a statement about her and the wearer. Her MySpace page is her main media outlet, though she does have a website in process. Through us, we hope that a label or prominent celebrity will see her work and give her the opportunity to shine for more people.

Our first print publication is coming down the pipes soon, and we will also be offering custom website design for comedians, bands, and artists who need a presence on the Internet.

If you know any artists who would be interested in getting some publicity, please send them our way to